Simon’s Tree Party

Simon invites his barnyard friends to his birdhouse. But there is a BIG problem…Will anyone come?

The first book in SImon’s Tree House Adventures series

~ 5 Stars ~ Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews ~

~ Awarded a B.R.A.G. Medallion. ~

Simon’s Search for the Scary Dragon

Simon decides to find the Scary Dragon. What he finds may surprise you.

The second book in SImon’s Tree House Adventures series

Calvin the Christmas Tree

He’s been preparing for the season since he was a sapling. But will he be tall enough to start spreading joy? If you or your child like wonderful illustrations, classic scenes from simpler times, and charming emotional journeys, then you’ll love Stephen G. Bowling’s inviting tale.

~ Awarded a B.R.A.G. Medallion ~   

~ 5 Stars ~ Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews ~

Grandma’s Spooky House

What if Grandma’s house was haunted?

Coming Soon.

A fun story in which the children think Grandma’s old creeky house is haunted at night…and she doesn’t know it

My Life List

Become the architect of your life.

Imagine looking back on your life and thinking “Wow, what an adventure.” This book is a tool to help you achieve it. Elegant and easy to use because the concept is simple, yet incredibly powerful.

3 covers to choose from: Blue, Brown, or Green

The Legend of Marbellia

and The Mighty Marble Men

Forever separated from their home planet, five colonies deal with drastic mutations and scarce resources, as some of the “new races” become territorial and warlike. Many claiming the limited resources in the solar system as their own, each colony now engages in Galactic warfare to survive.

Coming Soon: Comics, Board Game and Cartoon