Simon’s Search for the Scary Dragon

Whispers around the treehouse have this birdy buggin’. Can he flap away the confusion and put an end to the mystery?

Simon is determined to find the facts for himself. Tired of hearing endless rumors about a dragon menacing the farm, the young bird munches some breakfast and sets out for answers. And with his trusty bottle-cap helmet keeping his head safe, nothing can stop him from finding the fire-breathing beastie.

Confused by his barnyard buddies’ claims that no one has ever seen such a mighty creature, Simon refuses to give up on his tireless search. But when the truth finally comes out, his little heart could be in for a big surprise…

Can Simon figure out the real story behind the fiery monster?

Simon’s Search for the Scary Dragon is the thoughtful second book in the Simon’s Tree House Adventures children’s series. If you like brave characters, fun twists, and beautiful hand-painted images, then you’ll love Stephen G. Bowling’s hunt for clues.

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Simon woke up early.


Simon asks the Owl.


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Meet the Artist

Vitali Dudarenka


Vitali hand paints every picture.

He makes the story come to life.